Bikeability Level 1 for Trainees 7+

Aylesbury - Thu 01 Sep
    HCT is running these the courses on behalf of AVDC. Bookings can be made directly through them online...


Information for Employers

Where do I start?

Cycle Aylesbury can provide employers with lots of information about how we can help you to promote cycling to your employees. Request your appointment with our Workplace Travel Planning Officer by contacting us here.   

Why should I encourage my employees to cycle?

It will help you to save money, be more green and improve the health and productivity of your workforce:


How can I encourage my employees to cycle?

There are lots of things that you can do to make it easier for your employees to cycle. These include:

Sign up to the Department for Transport's cycle to work guarantee to demonstrate your commitment to making it easier for your employees to cycle to and from work.


What can Cycle Aylesbury do for me?

Cycle Aylesbury can offer you lots of help to help your employees to cycle including:


How do I get involved in the Cycle Aylesbury campaign?

Register your interest in the Cycle Aylesbury project by contacting our Workplace Cycle Promotions Officer by email to discuss your business requirements.