Bikeability Level 1 for Trainees 7+

Aylesbury - Thu 01 Sep
    HCT is running these the courses on behalf of AVDC. Bookings can be made directly through them online...


Cycle to school - Parents

How safe is it really?

Aylesbury has some of the safest roads and routes for cycling in the UK. 60% of Aylesbury schools have a cycle route within 200 metres.

Our cycle network links routes with specific cycling facilities to quiet roads that are more suitable for family cycling. Many crossings have also been upgraded with specific cyclist facilities to make it safer for cyclists to cross busy roads such as the inner ring road.

My child's school doesn't encourage children to cycle to school

Our Sustainable Travel Team works with schools to help them get more children cycling to school through Bikeability cycle training and the Bike It programme. For more information please email us

How old should my child be to cycle alone?

It is recommended that children under 10 years of age should be accompanied by an adult. We recommend that the sooner you get your child on a bike the better. 

But the car's so much easier?

We're not suggesting you abandon the car completely, particularly when the weather is bad. Commit to cycling when it's sunny or for 1 or 2 days a week. You'll notice the health and financial benefits very quickly and you'll be helping the environment too! What a great message for your children.

My child is too small to cycle

There are many types of fun trailer bikes, which allow small children to join in with the pedalling, and these attachments go on and off mum and dads' bike in a few seconds. The sooner you start your child cycling the more confident and skilled they will become by the time they leave junior school.

I'd like to give it a go, but lack confidence cycling with children

Take an individual or family training course to refresh your skills and build up your confidence. Click here for information on cyclist training. Get your bikes checked too! Locally Halfords and Buckingham Bikes offer bike servicing from as little as £25.00 and Buckingham Bikes will do a free safety check.