Bikeability Level 1 for Trainees 7+

Aylesbury - Thu 01 Sep
    HCT is running these the courses on behalf of AVDC. Bookings can be made directly through them online...


Commuting by bike

 Why cycle to work?

Cycling is a fast, convenient way to travel to work. You can beat the traffic and park quickly and easily. Aylesbury has lots of off road cycle tracks and short cuts so it can often be quicker to make short journeys by cycle than by car or public transport. You will also save money and feel healthier and happier.

Cycle Aylesbury wants to make it easier for you and your employees to cycle to and for work. We are doing lots of things to achieve this, including:


How can we make it easier for you to cycle to work?

Contact us to tell us what new or improved facilities would improve your journey to work by bicycle.



Getting your employer to be more cycle friendly

If your workplace does not have any designated cycle storage, contact us and we will talk to your employers to try to arrange some cycle provision. If you think there is more that your employer could do such as providing pool bikes, why not ask your employer to have a look at this website or to contact us directly so that we can discuss your requirements.


Are you an employer?

Cycle Aylesbury can work with you to help your employees to cycle to work. Encouraging your employees to cycle can be very beneficial:

Find out what we can do for your business by reading more information for employers  

Cycling to work makes sense. Not only will you save yourself time and money, you’ll get fitter and be happier too.