Bikeability Level 1 for Trainees 7+

Aylesbury - Thu 01 Sep
    HCT is running these the courses on behalf of AVDC. Bookings can be made directly through them online...


You & your bike

The Highway Code

For all you need to know as a cyclist about the highway code click here.  For quick answers to the do's and dont's click here.


Purchasing a bike

When purchasing a bike, there are four types of bike to consider:

For help choosing the right bike for you or your child check out Why Cycle which explains the different styles of bike and also provides a useful sizing guide.  The Association of Cycle Traders website gives you a great guide for what to look for when buying a bike. It also has a search facility so you can find your nearest bike shop.


What equipment will I need?

The only equipment you need for cycling is a bike fitted with a red rear reflector and lights if you plan to cycle in the dark. Other equipment is recommended, but not essential:


Cycle safety

For tips on staying safe on your bike check out the Think Campaign website.


Looking after your bike & maintenance

You should learn the basics of cycle maintenance as most of it is very easy to do yourself. Check regularly that your tyres, gears, chain, brakes and lights are in good working order.

Or check out the London Cycling Campaign’s easy guides to maintenance, covering almost everything on your bike.

We recommend that your cycle is serviced by a professionally trained cycle mechanic at least once a year, depending on usage.


Your cycling stories

We're always keen to hear about your cycling experiences.  Read other cyclist's stories here.  If you would like to contribute email us and we'll post them for others to read.